Monday, March 24, 2008

"Another baby update"

My beautiful angel gained some weight. 

She is still small but, we're [basically] outta the danger zone now!  

All her organs, head & arms/legs are still measuring 3wks too small but Doc was worried about her not getting nutrients! 

So I am so excited that she is finally gaining.

I see my Doctor on Wednesday to find out the next plan of action.  

I only have 2wks left--maybe he will scrape my membranes to help push things along.  

Thank You to EVERYONE who was praying for her! We were getting really scared b/c she seemed to be decreasing in size and now shes catching up, kind of.  

We didnt get any good pics shes really scrunched up in there. 

Can't wait to see doc to see what he says!  

I'll post another update on wednesday!


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