Monday, March 10, 2008

"Baby update 3/10"

Hello all...Its time again to let yall know how my lil E Is doing.

Well lets start w.the positive: She has gained some weight we're close to 5lbs! Thats awesome!!

But.. she is still too small. Her head, stomach & kidneys are measuring 3 weeks too small and her arms and legs are measuring 2 weeks too small. There also seems to be a decrease in the (amniotic) fluid levels.

She is only in the 20th percentile for size, etc. They start to really worry when it drops down to the 10th.

3 weeks ago she was in the 30th percentile so we lost 10% in 3 weeks. Not good, but not horrible.

They want to see my back in 2 weeks for a recheck, if I even make it 2 more weeks, if I do I will be 38 weeks.

I see my wonderful Dr. on wednesday, so we will see what he thinks needs to be done, if anything, regarding her fluid and size.

As for me: my contractions are like 15 mins apart. Doc says to wait till they get closer together. He is def doing a dilation check. my cousin Missy who had a baby 3 mons ago said hers never got to 5 mins they were about ten, so when she finally went to the hospital she was already 8cms!! So I am having him check me...LoL who knows.

She is also 100% in position. Her head is soo far down (I almost had to remove my pants b/c we couldnt get them low enough so they could find the head) she is also facing my back, which is also how she should be for delivery.

They also said she is def running out room b/c I am so small (only 5'1 for those who didnt know) and I have a small build. Which is prolly why it feels like she is trying to claw her way out (TIMI?).

But thats all that was said. I got a few good-ish pics I might out em up.

I will let everyone know what Doc says on Wednesday!!


-Kelli (&E)

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