Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"This bugs me!!"

You know what really gets under my skin?

When I get pushed aside for a video game or b/c he just doesn't care.

I am VERY PASSIONATE about politics; Poly Sci was gunna be my minor until I got pregnant and just don't have time for a minor, graduating is far more important to me.

But holy hell, if I want to talk about the current election, just humor me and listen and act like you care, even if you don't. LORDY!

Anyways today marks 10months of marriage.  Its spent alone. Makes me wonder if this is this how I will celebrate 1 year? with ice on my ankle and depressed?

Only time will tell...man time is a SLOW SLOW bitch.

I was feeling super creative...not so much anymore. I will play w. PS in the AM.

Thats all. Goodnight.


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