Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Cough Free"

Last week, Wednesday, I got a call from E's school while I was at work. She had a fever of 101.6, and I needed to come get her. I groaned a little bit as we had been every other week, since Jan. 

THATS A LOT of trips to the pediatrician's office. A LOT. 

They swabbed her for strep- Negative
I mentioned she had been coughing since late January/ Early February.  

"Its just a virus, let it play itself out, theres nothing we can give her for a virus"

I was told if her fever lasted through Sunday, I needed to call and come in on Monday. Guess who had a fever at 2am Easter morning, yup, E. 

On our way and upon arrival at the peds office, E was whining "I want to go home""I not want to go to dr me all better"

After the nurse weighed her (a whopping 29lbs) and asked what brought us in, after telling her that we have been every other week since Jan, she cleared her throat and said you will be seeing "Dr. H" instead of a PA today. I finally got E calmed down & Dr. H examined her. No UTI or bladder infection, the fever was caused by a bad sinus infection. and oh yah "Your child has asthma" 

I was shocked by this diagnoses and had a ton of questions. Dr. H said E's incessant coughing is a form of asthma. Really? 

He said "She has been treated with a handful of different antibiotics, prescribed by the PAs or Nurse Practitioners in the office, and nothing has worked" well a PA/RNP is NOT a doctor. "I believe that her cough is asthma. Lets try a liquid form of albuterol and if that works we will put her on an inhaler. I don't want to put her on a "puffer" if the medication won't even work" 

So we left the office with 2 scripts, one for her sinus infection and one for asthma medicine. 

Here we are 24hrs later and since I have given E 2 doses (yesterday AM and this AM) of her asthma medication and... NO COUGHING! 

She slept ALL night, w/o a single cough! I am completely enamored with this medicine. I am thrilled my baby isn't coughing constantly anymore. I know she was so uncomfortable. 

And all it took was seeing a doctor (!). Who would've thunk it?

I just have to update her school paperwork tomorrow when I drop her off and all is good. I will be calling the Dr. office (Im happy too this time) tomorrow; To schedule getting her on an inhaler, sometime next week. 

Although I have paid a FORTUNE out-of-pocket for her apts, we haven't met our deductible yet, I am so happy that we have found a "cure" if you will for her horrible coughing. 

I am also happy to announce that E has been fever free for going on 36hrs! FINALLY! She can go back to school tomorrow, we have both missed school. I have actually missed work!! So much I am going to have to catch-up on. 

E has her first dental appointment today, I am so excited/ nervous about how she is going to do! 


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-Kandid Kelli

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