Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Bounce & Play; Soak Up the Rays"

E turned 3 on Monday, April 4th, so naturally her party was on the Saturday before, April 2nd.

I got a catalogue with birthday "sets" in in. Basically ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you need, down to the goodie bags, for a child's birthday party. After looking through it (great prices! I priced everything out, saved me so much money), She wanted to have a Super Why
 themed party. 

We love pbskids in this house, so I said ok.

While thinking about where we would have the party, I immediately thought,  "Our House". We finally have a place of our own, and when I looked at this house, I dreamed of having birthday parties, in the perfect backyard. So once the location was decided I needed to decide what the children (we had 8 kids ages 2wks-9years old) would do. 

BOUNCE HOUSE!! So after pricing those (for rental) I found buying one was cheaper. I got ours. fully equipped with a WATER SLIDE, on eBay, brand new still in box, for cheap.

The bounce house & Slide...

Mal (4), E (3) & her cousin Luke (3.5), having a pow-wow by the slide.

They moved the chat into the bounce house.

Hugs for her cousin.

Best Friends.

We took one of the invitations to Publix to have her cake made, but due to copyright restrictions they could not do the super why boy. This is what we decided on:

Purple is our fav. color so it was beyond perfect!

To eat we had a variety of nuggets and chicken salad from Chick-Fil-A, snackie foods (chips, cheese, pretzals, salsa/chips, grapes) an water and soda. 

Mal enjoying some cake in the backyard.

While opening presents, apparently this one made us ALL "oooahhh"

After talking it over with some family members we thought it best to keep the BH & slide dry during the party. 

After most guests/kids left, TM (in lieu of TT as it didn't sound right, more on this later) hooked the hose up to the sprayers and BAM! Her BH & Slide instantly turned our backyard into a water park. The water was chilly, but E had a blast.  

E running to go on the slide, again. TM supervising. 

E all suited up with her BIG GIRL bike, from TM and I. 

The girls with the swirl pops from  the goodie boxes. 
They are too much.

The morning of E's birthday, I got up a tad early and made her a waffle and put candles in it accompanied by a juice box, which is a big deal, b/c normally she has milk at all meals, except MWF at school, she gets juice at lunch. 

Birthdays and holidays are a huge deal in this family. When her waffle was ready, I went and got E, who was in cupcake jammies, and after loving on her I sang "Happy Birthday" to her and b/c she is 3 she thought that blowing the candles out 3 times was necessary.

Birthday girl on Birthday morning, with waffles/candles, before school.

**All in all I can NOT believe that my BABY is 3! 
Where does the time go?


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-Kandid Kelli


Hayley said...

I can't believe she's three! ahhh! love you both!

JB said...

You're such a good Momma! I'd hire you to throw my kid's party!

Candice said...

Looks like a great party! I seriously need one of those bounce houces!!