Monday, May 16, 2011

"Meet the Parents"

TM and I have been together (officially) since March. But unofficially we have been together since the end of January. Remember this post?

We met at one of the schools I shadow at; He teaches there. We had a few choppy conversations but nothing out of the ordinary.

I saw/ talked to him a few times but I didn't think much about him except, hes a nice guy.

One day the teacher I was working with asked me to go get her kids from lunch. I had been in her class for 2 days at this point but I was well known on her team, I had taught in some of the other teachers classes or ran reading groups. In all I did over 60 hours on this particular team- so she felt comfortable with me getting her kids for her.

While I was lining the kids up, I looked across the cafeteria and TM waved at me and smiled.

IDK what it was about the smile/wave but my cheeks got hot and I smiled and nodded, its all I could muster up. A few hours and one email later I found out his whole name and I FACEBOOK-ED him!

I felt like a creeper, It appeared, via pictures, that he had a girlfriend but it did say "Single" so I had to assume he was single. I sent him a message, boldly, seeing if we could get together and hang out.

It took him TWO days to reply. I was fretting, but for no reason. He was more than willing to get together.

I told him I had a child, because she is NOT a fact I will hide. I gave him the option to come over around 830, after she went to bed or coming for dinner around 6. Being the teacher that he is, said he was okay with coming by, if I was, while she was still up.

We had dinner and talked for hours.

He was patient while I put E to bed.

Then we talked some more.

I Told him about M and how badly he hurt me and how I hadn't dated since and thought I was ready.

We went to dinner, child-less and I realized how NOT ready I was (back in Feb) to be back in a relationship, 5 months later.

I told him, that honestly, I was NOT ready.

He told me he was willing to wait. and wait he did. 

FF nearly 2 months later and I still hadn't met his parents, granted they live 2 hours away. I told him that since this is getting serious and the topic of moving-in had been broached, I wanted to meet his parents.

He had met and hung out with mine, a lot. He had even gone to my moms house without me, and hung-out there until I got off work.

He made and still makes me so undoubtedly happy.

He told me Saturday that his parents were coming, for the day, Sunday.

Cue panic attack.

We spent ALL day Sunday cleaning in preparation for their arrival.

I was freaking out, even after they arrived.

E was a great ice-breaker, she immediately clicked with TMs dad. He is an elementary school principal so he is great with kids.

My mom and stepdad came over and we all went to lunch. It was great, everyone got along great. But I was still nervous.

We didn't get to talk as much as I'd have liked but TM told me that his mom and dad loved me (and E) and want us to come to his hometown, I am thinking day-trip is in  the works.

I feel so relieved that they like me, my daughter and my parents.

I am so in-love and TM is the FIRST man, that I have been serious with, that has been widely liked by my ENTIRE family.

He has everything I could ever want. I am so lucky.


Keep up in between posts, I Tweet , A lot.

-Kandid Kelli

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Candice said...

Awww, that is so sweet. Glad it went so well!