Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Twenty Something Writers-

So Erin and Hayls both have done prompt(s) from Twenty Something Writers and I have read some of the prompts and none of them, until this one have really made me want to participate. If you sometimes have a hard time coming up with sometime to blog about check out TSW.

We all have something we want to say to someone. Maybe it’s someone in your life now. Or, maybe it is something you wish you said to someone who is no longer in your life. It could even be Mr./Ms. Random Person that you saw in the local coffee shop today. What do you want to say that you were never able to?You can leave the person(s) identity anonymous, if you’d like. Feel free to feature more than one person. Do it in letter form or any form you prefer. Show us that creativity!

You're a coward. You need to grow-up. I am glad that you're not a part of her life b/c you don't deserve it, she is my reason for living. You have no idea what you're missing. Although I should say thank you for giving her to me, she is beyond the best gift anyone could have given me.

Thank you. Without all of your help I don't know where I would be. I know I complain alot, it's b/c I am unhappy in my own life, not with you. You've done so much for me. I really do appreciate all the help, love and support. You have been a good role model. I can't say TY enough, really.

We don't see or talk to each other enough. It makes me sad but that shows how strong out friendship really is. I hope that one day [soon] we will be close enough to "do lunch" again, or go shopping. I really miss you. I hope you're happy, sometimes I can't tell. You and I have been through a lot in time we've been bff, and Im sure we have a lot more to come. We were meant to be friends. thats for sure. ily.

Ups & downs. Highs & lows. Thick & thin. Besties & enemy. Thats the ONLY way I can think to describe our friendship. But we both have done our growing...UP and realized how childish we were. I think we are past ALL that drama. At least I hope so. I'm sure we have many man many more years of "gossip" and "sleep-overs" so tell Hubby to just deal w/it ;) I'll bring the wine (reisling) (if you want beer thats your deal!! haha). ily.

"Shes a skank." is so far from the truth. HAHA to think was what I told not only HIM about you...his G/F-- But i voiced my opinion about this girl to my entire family. I am so glad I "hated" you. B/c then I wouldn't love you right now. I really commend you for sticking to your morals and NOT doing things you said you wouldn't. I know how hard that has been for you. Go see him when he comes home, you will regret it if you don't, I promise you. I know why you don't want to but for once let someone take care of you b/c hes doing it for him and TRUST ME YOU NEED IT JUST AS MUCH AS HE DOES. You don't want to live in regret & you will.

Your amazing, you've overcome so much. You walk. OMG! They said you wouldn't. I hope that you two are close but sadly I don't think you will be b/c your moms aren't anymore. Stay strong and keep growing. I love you baby girl.

I hope that I haven't disappointed you in the decisions I have made. You're so young. 13 yrs younger than I. You just don't understand. I made the right one I promise. One day I will explain it all to you. Just know that I love you and I wish we were closer but life happened and hasn't made that possible. I am sorry but that doesn't mean I don't love as much as she does, I do, maybe more.

You were never just someone to me. You might think you were but you weren't. Even with the break-up(s). You weren't. I don't know if thinking that helps you, if it does then think away. "one day" is going to come before we both know it and its going to shock us both.. in a good way.

I love you. You need to step-it-up or I am going to walk. I deserve the best and at first you were lacking then, you, on your own stepped it up and then you went home for christmas (did something happen?) and all of a sudden you stepped you game down. So step it up or I will (this isnt a joke) walk. I love you but thats not enough to mask the flaws in this relationship- theres only so much a girl can take before she says- "Fuck it".



Jessica said...

Wonder if I can do it...

floreta said...

i can definitely relate to the complaining when i'm unhappy in life.. :T

LiLu said...

I absolutely love this- I did it yesterday too. Every single response I've read has been amazing- and yours is no different. :-)

Anonymous said...

Definitely didn't realize that was my shout out. I spent twenty seconds thinking "Whos a Skank? HIS skank-bitch? Inside joke?"

YEAH, sort've an inside joke. Haha.