Thursday, August 21, 2008

"You have No Idea..."

What its like.

I go to bed after you and I am up before you... sometimes she wakes up in the middle of the night- Im up then too.

Just because I don't have an office job, doesn't mean Im not working. Taking care of her is a 24hr a day job. (one I LOVE...but none-the-less... its a lot of work)

I am exhausted.  I do it alone.

Job...not just a job but a career that utilizes my degree and supports us, hunt begins Monday. I know I will find something. 

This TROPICAL STORM is a BITCH. Leave already. Hurricanes aren't this bad. Geez.

I want to cuddle...order pizza/bstix and watch a movie.  Thats the BEST kind of friday night. Maybe a late night strawberry limeade from Sonic too. 

I want her to stop fighting and just go to sleep. Before 930...not after 11.

Im done.

Wine & a movie Friday night, anyone?!?
Hah yah right. Honestly. I know you won't come, you never do, always with the excuses.


Till next time-


fsuchica819 said...

I love you!

Jessica said...

I hope you end up having a good Friday night and weekend! ;)