Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"FL Showers"

Growing-up in FL, I remember the HOT summer days were cooled off by the cold rains of a summer shower. 
It would rain out of no where and last for all of 10 minutes and move on. We haven't had so many summer showers this year, but more t-storms. :-( So the other day when we had an actual summer shower (no lightening or thunder) I told E she could play in the rain. 

She was so excited to get wet in her school clothes! I was excited to watch her do something I so enjoyed when I was a child.
It was very hot, as usual, out so it was a NICE cool off.

As soon as I gave her the okay... she grabbed her rain-boots and umbrella.

Although it didn't take long for her to ditch the umbrella. It was slowing her down. 
She quickly learned that the end of the driveway had the biggest "muddy puddles" as E calls them.
(Shes been watching Peppa Pig & the DVD we have is called muddy puddles)

Not long after E ditched the umbrella she kicked-off her rain-boots.
I was twitching, thinking she was gunna get ring-worm, but she didn't.

My heart was overflowing with joy as I watched my girl run & play. 
Giggling & squealing with delight.

I tried to stay undercover but when E started to get more adventurous I got out there, 
glad I had a waterproof digital camera, and played with her.

Eventually the rain stopped, but E stomped and splashed & ran
 until I made her come inside & take a warm shower and get ready for dinner. 

Now everytime it rains E begs to play in it. It breaks my heart that she can't every single time. If I hear thunder or see lightening, I will not let her play & like I said, we have had more t-storms than summer showers this year.

At least she has this memory, like I do, to hold onto. But playing in the rain (or sprinklers) is a great way to beat the 100* temps.

**Do you let your kids play in the rain? Do YOU play in the rain?


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-Kandid Kelli

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