Monday, August 29, 2011

"E's FRIST Real Haircut"

About 6 weeks (holy cow has it been THAT long?) ago I picked E up from Day Camp & her gorgeous 'rupunzel' hair was in a huge 'rats nest' knot. I was horrified and I knew at that very moment, that it had to go. T was in the car with us, (I love summer- he was home all the time!) and I spelled: Haircut. Now.

We didn't even go home, I called the salon and they had an apt in 20 minutes. Great, we headed to the bank and then over to my salon.

Thats when E flipped her lid. She has been to my salon before with my mom to bring me stuff while getting my hair done. So she knew where we were.

She wouldn't stop crying. "Not my hair mama" "No please". -- She had NEVER in her 3 yrs of life had a haircut. She had bang trims but not an actual cut.

It broke my heart.

T (who had just had a haircut) sat in the chair and they cut his hair to show E that it doesn't hurt.

They gave her a cool cape and clipped a 'booster' type thing onto the chair so she would be higher. Once she was finally on the seat, her crying slowed, but did not stop.

The stylist had to put 3 different cremes and leave-in conditioners in her hair to get all the tangles out. once all the knots were out and she had combed it through... she got out the scissors.

Thats when I lost it, but I had to turn around b/c I could not let E see me cry. 
(thats why there are only a few pics)

In about 20 minutes over 6 inches was cut off and her hair was blow-dryed & styled. Once she realized it didnt hurt she stopped crying and was a trooper. 

Yes, I kept a 'lock' -- it was added to her baby book.

Before & After:

Her hair looks so much healthier & she actually lets me brush it.

She loves it, she isn't as hot as she used to be and she actually likes getting it washed at night. Its not a fight anymore. She likes to move her head from side-to-side to make her hair 'swish'.

It is so cute and it fits her. I can only put part of it in a ponytail as it falls out. 

I am glad I waited as long as I did to get her hair-cut and think it was done at the right time. We are probably going to keep it at the current length for a while, esp. with soccer starting this week (this is a post in itself). It works well for her.

**What is one thing you put off doing with/for your child?


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-Kandid Kelli

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Angela said...

When I was little, my sisters and I all had long, blonde, curly hair. It got to be such a chore for my mom to keep up with because we of course didn't take care of our own hair! I just remember sitting in the salon that day and her crying because they were chopping off all of our beautiful hair! Now, as we're older, we've all got brown hair. I kind of miss the blonde locks!
The length looks like it suits E well.