Thursday, January 20, 2011


-Apparently BeyBlades are the new "big thing". I think they are one of t he most annoying things. Ever. I don't get the big deal; they are spinning tops trying to "kill" the other tops.

-I can't stand bullies. I don't understand why bulling is so bad. Most of the time kids don't even realize they are being a bully, until you point out that they are being more than just "mean". 

-By third grade, 8/9 years old, kids should know how to clean-up after themselves. Or when you are done with one toy/game/etc. clean it up before moving onto something else. I should not have to constantly remind you to pick that up before getting something else out. 

-I should not have to ask you to be quiet more than once. I don't care if there are over 30 kids in the room. I should not have to yell or blow my whistle. It shouldn't come to that. 

-When I ask you to move your seat b/c you won't shutup stop talking to your buddies, during HW time, think twice before you roll your eyes at me. That is so disrespectful, start respecting me or I will talk to your mama. The End. 

-Why do kids find it necessary to argue about, EVERYTHING. I mean come on, get along already. 

-Cheating is ridiculous. Whether it be HW, a game, etc. Just don't do it. It will catch-up with you eventually.  

-Did I mention that I find beyblades so annoying?! Hah.

**I love job2, I really do, the last 2 days have been tough. My friend and coworker Heather, has been sick so I have had her little devils angels plus my 'angels'. It is also what is known as "grading week" its the last week before report cards and its only a 3 day week, so the teachers have not been giving homework. Great for the kids, hell for me. I enjoy HW time, I get to actually teach, but whatever. I guess I just expect so much out of my kids and the last few days have been out of the ordinary. Tomorrow we will be back to normal; Heather isn't sick anymore! Thank goodness. 


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-Kandid Kelli

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