Friday, October 15, 2010

"The Blue House"

Everyone as been asking about, "the new house" or as E calls it the "Blue house". We love it so much & over the last, almost 2 months, we've been getting settled in.

(There will be NO pictures of the total front of my house for privacy reasons; If you're a IRL friend, please keep the location of my home to yourself. Thank you.)

Welcome. This is as you can see my Front Door, all decked out for Fall. We changed out the coach light as it was dated & we wanted a motion-light and we changed/added the doorbell.
I have Halloween decorations on my front window, not pictured.

Next we move onto the Entry way or Foyer of my home. There really is no difference from when I moved-in & the after just hung a picture & the AC vent is smaller, as my AC was replaced the day after I moved-in. I am contemplating a small rug by the door.

 In the dining room I added an area-rug to warm the room up a little & to give the DR definition. We also added the glass-top/rod-iron table & Wine butler, holds glasses uptop (I have 10 up there) & 8 bottles of wine below.

If you come to stay with me this is where you will be sleeping. This is a combo, Guest room & home office, located in the hallway off my dining room. I am in grad school and need somewhere to work. I Chose 2 greens & brown for the color scheme in this room. I might add some paint. (Since these were taken I have added a few decor items)

This is the 2nd bath. It is in the hallway between the guest room & E's room. In here we changed out the lights as they were very dated (not pictured, sorry, I tried). We also went with a duck theme, picked out by E as this is her bathroom. The shower curtain hooks are ducks (not pictured) and there is a cute duck artwork on the wall, also not pictured.

This is E's BIG GIRL room, it is larger than the guest so E got it. As you can see we painted a wall & added vinyl wall decals for a mural look. She also has a small table that she uses for tea-parties and for arts & crafts, mainly coloring right now. Her bookshelf in the corner rotates 360* and is quickly filling up with cute decor (in upper compartments) & books for now and as she gets older. She also has a memory board (not pictured) that is full of snapshots and Tickets from events we have gone too. *This is not her real furniture, we ordered her furniture and they told us 6weeks so until it arrives this is on loan.  I like what we ordered better and when it arrives E's name will adorn her wall above the headboard and hang on her footboard.

To me the kitchen was perfect. Large & OPEN to the nook & living room, black appliances & granite counters. But we did add knobs on the cabinets as you can see in the before shots there were none. 

This is where we eat all our meals, in the nook. I love the bay window & that it over looks my gorgeous backyard. I sit at the table with the blinds open and clip coupons or pay bills while E is outback playing. Perfect.

This is where we spend a lot of time, the living room. Playing reading books or watching TV. As you can see in the before shot a closet. E has a bunch of her toys in there and we have a basket of books, that she brings from her room next to the couch.

The only thing different in the laundry room, that leads to my garage and is off my foyer, is the addition of my BEAUTIFUL washer & dryer. I love to do laundry now.

This is the Master bedroom, it is located right off the living room, as I have a 'split' floor plan, thankfully. This room is the most neglected as no one sees it, but me. When people come over they pop their heads in there to take a peek, buts its very UNFINISHED. I have a bookcase coming (had to be ordered b/c of how dark my furniture is) & I would like to add a chair of some sorts in the corner next to my dresser as well as getting some more things hung on my walls. Like I said though since I am the only one who sees it I have been focusing more time on the rest of my house.

Nothing is changed except a floor to ceiling shower caddy, I had lack of shelving to place shampoo, etc on. As well as the addition of the curtain, my shower is across from my toilet in the toilet room.

This is also part of the master bath. We changed the light fixtures above the dual sinks, In the shower/potty room & in my closet (none pictured, sorry) as they were all dated. They were replaced by newer sleeker, energy efficient models. 
This is what you see when you exit the shower or walk in from the Master bedroom. My closet is also located in my bathroom (not pictured). 
I did stick with purple and tans/brown family for my room & bathroom. I wanted to two to mesh.

This is one of my favorite aspects of my house. I have a HUGE back yard with alot of trees (first two pictures) and a nice sized side-yard (last pic), as well as an EXTRA screened-in porch (which eventually will be closed in & made into a storage room) (Third picture). There is enough room in the back alone to add-on to my house or add a pool in the future. If that decision is made E's swing set can be moved to the side yard. We have a great privacy fence, just needs to be cleaned. 

Finally, my screened-in porch off the living room & Master bedroom faces both the back yard on one side and the Pond on the other, we added the fan/light. I have asked Santa for outdoor furniture... so I can move those chairs to my front porch or to the grilling area, right off the porch. 
The pond with fountain can also be seen from the Master bedroom window. 


Things are slowly but surely coming together. We got lucky that the previous owner remodeled & put ceiling fans (minus the outdoor one) in all the rooms before she put it on the market, It made for easy move in, there weren't too many projects to tackle.  I also have a 2-Car garage (not pictured, for privacy).
I am enjoying, FINALLY after nearly 3 years, living on my own again. E & I have a morning routine & evening routine on my work days and on my days off we just kind of go with the flow. E is such a good kid and I am impressed at how quickly she adjusted, after ALL the moving we have done in the past year. This is it for A LONG TIME, thank goodness.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my home! Now the question is: WHEN ARE YOU (coughRachaelcough) coming to Visit me?


Keep up in between posts, I Tweet , A lot.

-Kandid Kelli


Candice said...

Beautiful home.

Ashley said...

We bought a blue house, too! Your home is beautiful - coming together nicely. :)

Queen JB said...

it's gorgeous!