Friday, June 5, 2009

"Scars" [[part 2 of 2]]

So again, I go under the knife and he replaces my implant. I had a hard time coming too after being under and after asking for apple juice [don’t ask] the first thing I asked was “am I fixed”… the answer was a big fat NO. That nasty crease was more prevalent then ever. I felt more butchered then I did before I went under. Dr. Poole said “It can take up to 6 months for the crease to release/ relax and for the implant to fall into the pocket” So my mother and I agreed to give it 6 more months… after 6 months it looked exactly the same. Even after rigorous massaging and what not as instructed by Satan .

After a yr my mom and I wanted to get another opinion and in the plastic surgery world you have to get the “Okay” from your current surgeon before you can go see another in the same city b/c its such a close knit community…blah blah BULLSHIT… but that’s what they say.

We had already seen someone in Tampa & she was a reconstructive surgeon and she was mortified to see the “chop job” that a board certified surgeon had done. People it was THAT bad. So after asking Satan if we could go get a second opinion [in Orlando] he agreed, b/c it had been a yr and the implant hadn’t “fallen into the pocket”. We interviewed numerous surgeons. Ultimately it was my choice, I was 18 now. Yes it has been that many years. Finally the last one we talked to is whom we [I] decided on.

Dr. Kenrick A. Spence He is the most wonderful man alive! I’ve been with him since my senior yr in high school [2003] instead of giving you a blow-by-blow like I have been I will list all of the wondrous things this man has done for me… he has had his work cut out for him too b/c he wasn’t staring with a fresh “canvas” :

-He removed saline implants from Poole & replaced with different shape of saline implants and removed large amounts of scar tissue on RIGHT side and TRIED to open the pocket & release the crease. [[Lack of success]]. Nipple & scar revision. Infection followed. Allergic to something he used [this is a trend].

-Tried a different brand & shape of saline implants as i was having a lot of pain & pulling from the weight... infection followed..

- Shortly after- Removed saline implants as they were weighing down and putting too much pressure on muscles as I am barely 5'1 about 120/122lbs… replaced by silicone gel implants [after I signed my life away]. Tried to open pocket again, by scoring the inside of the skin. Slightly more success this time. Nipple & Scar revision. Infection followed [this too is a trend].

-Muscle & skin is taken from right above my ribcage to try cover the hideous crease. Some success is achieved. This is done twice. Nipple revisions as well.

---Break in treatments and surgeries b/c I get pregnant---

While pregnant I was able to breastfeed for about a week then I got a terrible breast infection, fever the whole 9. Ordered by my OB-GYN to STOP immediately. So I did. Saw my surgeon shortly after…

-Started doing fat grafts… taking fat from my tummy and grafting into yes… you guessed it the crease; which was in fact still there. This has been done twice. I have had twice so far and the crease is almost gone! Dr. Spence … aka … GOD thinks one more graft [which he does free of charge, I only pay for supplies…amazing man!] will do the trick. Lets hope!

I have had nipple revisions as well but I have had some horrible infections as well so we have stopped those. Every time he cuts I get an infection & that’s not his fault, that’s b/c anytime ANYONE has had a staph infection you are 10xs more likely to get any kind of bodily infection. Lucky me.


Back to Poole . We contacted him after we left him for Dr. Spence and asked simply for our money back on our attorney’s letterhead, my mom was a single mother, he knew this, as his nurse and my mom grew up together. He refused. Then we tried to get him for Malpractice then after research we found it was Medical negligence, but he drug his feet… “oh give it 6 months” “just give it a little more time” we missed FL’s statute by a few months. After checking up on him, there have been numerous complaints, similar to mine, made against him. But I am sad to say not enough, b/c he is still in practice, 20 minutes from my house. You can see his office from I-4, in Altamonte, FL.

If this post does nothing…but keep you, your family, friends, co-workers or ANYONE you know away from David V. Poole then I have done what I set out to do. I wouldn’t wish what I have been through on my worst enemy. I am not done going though this either, 8 years later and I am still being operated on and Dr. Spence is still trying to un-so the MISTAKES made by David Poole , Mistakes that SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN MADE.

I look in the mirror and I still feel like I am butchered. I hope one day I will not feel that way. I am working towards my goal & believe it or not this blog long as it may be helped heal a little part of me.

Please feel free to share your story with me. My e-mail is:


Thank you for reading my story & helping me heal.

Remember this is very personal; keep that in mind if you’re to leave a comment.

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You look so great. I'm so happy you found a good doc. Love you!