Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Because I'm older... am I wiser??

So today is my 23rd BIRTHDAY!

Normally I get all excited & like make a count down calendar for my BIG day & all but since Matt has been gone & I knew he wouldn't be able to spend it with me I wasn't all that excited about it. Same with last 2 yrs too b/c my 21st I had just gotten married and had realized it was a mistake (& i had the flu so I nvr got to do the "I'm 21 bobby didn't want to be @ hm b/c I was sick & left me there alone) and then last yr (22) I was at the end of that bad marriage & just WANTED OUT & was exhausted b/c I had a newborn!

BUT... When I arrived home from Emmy's swimmy lessons today i saw a familiar white Chevy Cavalier in my drive... Hayley !!!! I was so excited, I could barley get Emmy outta the car I was about to jump outta my skin! But i couldn't stay long I had an apt to work out trainer. I was back shortly and we had a BLAST & shes staying the night... SLUMBER PARTY! Hottubbing!! FMaybe even a pillow fight?! haha. THANK YOU Hayley for helping make my bday one of the best ever!! You're the BEST BFF everrrr!!! ILY :)

So my mom asked me where I wanted to go to dinner tonight and since I still have 5lbs to loose to hit my goal of 115 I told her that I just wanted to make my all time FAV casserole (b/c she like nvr makes it) she was surprised when I told her that I didn't want a cake either that I just wanted this sugar-free chocolate/vanilla pudding, banana thing she makes...with candles of course! LOL I really want to loose this last 5 lbs. It seems like loosing that last 5 is the hardest! haha. Anyways if I would have wanted to go out the place I would have wanted to go is like 25mins away and my stepdad gets off late tonight and we would have eaten so late, and with a toddler going out late is nvr good, esp when she's on such a strict schedule.

Hayley she got me: another Guy Harvey Shirt, a "K" tervis tumbler full of GREEN, RED & PURPLE skittles (skittles are my fav and those are my fav flavors!!), a Pocket Edward && HP trading cards!! Im such a dork!! THANK YOU HAYLEY!!!

Matts gift arrived today while I was in the shower... I have been wanting a pair of true religion jeans for like ever well he got me the cutest TR skirt!! THANKS BABY (you spent WAYYY too much but I LOVE IT & YOU... youre the best...right after hayley of

I got a cutre frame from Erins Etsy store! I love it thanks Erin!! Its adorable!



Well I was gunna leave yall with you could see the uncanny resemblance of me & Emmy the day we were both born but my baby book is in Emmy's room and i forgot to get it befor she went to bed and shes a light sleeper so tomorrow when i post pics of my bday presents I will show yall!!

Thats all .

Bye Interets.


Laura Sue said...

i'm glad you had a great day!!!

Gingerella said...

Happy Birthday!