Saturday, June 21, 2008

"Some "Me" time is MUCH MUCH over due!"

I am SICK of doing things on OTHER peoples schedules. Seriously.

"I don't know if we can" -- Blah Blah...yah run off and do something else and forget I even asked to do something. 

Im DONE waiting for other people, for them to just blow me off.

I have feelings too.

Yes, I have a child. I can still do stuff. Its not a disease.

Shes 2 1/2 months old. Stroller or baby bjorn and Bam Im off!! Its that easy. 

From today on out...I will ask if you want to go you say no, Im not waiting. If I want to go I will go, just me & my girl.

Why does it always have to be YOUR schedule? Why can't we do it on mine? 

Okay so Im pissed off!! Like really pissed off and I tried to call 2 people (to vent), 2 people I am ALWAYS there for (esp. when they need to vent) and guess what...they aren't there for me.

THANKS for hitting the "fuck you" button. Means a whole heck of a lot. I guess over time (and distance and having a baby) you learn who your friends truly are. -- Mom was there for usual. 

I am the type of person who always wants to make others smile and laugh and try to make them happy.

Well NOW its time to make ME (and E) happy. I need ME to be happy.

Im sick of trying to please everyone. I spend more of my time making others happy and NO time makes me happy. 

Well enough of this rant.

Im gunna do some of next weeks homework so I can hang out cousin Bubba while hes on leave and my "adopted" cousin Courtney...separately of course...this week, while im all alone in this big ole house.


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Jessica said...

I know how you feel, friends suck sometimes...