Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"I Did It..."

After a few texts/E-mails from people I respect, urging me to talk to E's teacher about the "Junk" comment, I put my big girl panties on & approached the director at E's school yesterday afternoon.

I did not go directly to her teacher because her teacher leaves at 2, to get her son from school and because a large number of students leave at lunch time (noon) they combine the two 3 year old classes.

E only has one teacher because her class is the smaller of the two (shes in 3A, the other is 3B). The 3B class has 2 teachers and some days 3A&B eat together, some days they don't. So I did not want to accuse anyone, as E did not tell me which teacher made the comment. I love all the teachers at her school so it was very hard for me to do.

I personally struggle with the fact the E barely eats (even food she likes). I almost cried while I was talking to the director, because I do not want to be "that mom", but I also wanted to get to the bottom of the issue.

She told me that during lunch & snack times they discuss nutrition and they will say things like "We don't want junk food in our lunches, lets see who has junk food and who has healthy food"

I let the director know that I pack Es lunches with nutrition in mind and do the best I can do since she is so picky. I am not one to waste food so I am not going to pack something I know she will not eat because it will in fact be wasted. I also told her that not only was that comment hurtful to me but that it also makes it harder to get E to eat in general.

She assured me that she will talk to Es teachers and let them know to use different phrases and the situation with E and her eating habits and how hard I am working to get her to try new things and expand her pallet.

I had really bad anxiety on my way to get E & I was anxious all night following it. I feel much better today and I felt comfortable dropping E off. We will see if E says anything in the coming days/weeks, in regards to anyone saying anything about her lunch.

Thank you for the advice & support yall.

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xo-Kandid Kelli 

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Ashley said...

Good for you, Kelli! A co-worker of mine has an extremely picky eater herself (her girl is 4) and is having trouble with her pre-k class. She won't eat meat or fruit/veggies except for apples and bananas. The teachers tried pressuring her child to eat foods she doesn't like so much that she won't eat at school at ALL anymore (the school provides lunch for them).

You're a great mom and I'm glad you stuck up for yourself. :)