Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"10 Day Challenge; Day 1: 10 Secrets"

1 - I am obsessed with my weight, I care more about the number than how my clothes fit.

2 - I am afraid that Im not good enough.

3 - I am a TV lover... lots of shows on my DVR. 

4 - I am a homebody. I would rather spend time at home than out somewhere.

5 -  I am a huge procrastinator.

6 - I have a huge sweet tooth

7 - I love football, but I honestly don't know some of the rules. 

8 - I am obsessed with hair care products.

9- When I was about 11/12 weeks preg w.E I thought I would never fit back into my clothes & tossed over half of my pre-pregnancy clothes & I still regret it now.

10- I am addicted to online shopping. Theres needs to be a support group.


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xo-Kandid Kelli

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