Thursday, June 2, 2011

"I'm A Little Scattered"

Hey guys! I am sorry it has been eons since ive written a real post.

A lot has been going on so I think its time to catch every one up.

-I am in the tail end of my graduate program. I have been doubling up on classes, which means twice as much HW and twice as many papers & twice as many of observation hours, so I can graduate in time to teach in the Fall (August) 2012.

-I [tentatively] graduate May 2012. Before I can graduate I have to student teach in 2 areas, Elementary school for 12 weeks and Preschool for 6 weeks. I start student teaching January 2012, because my last class ends in October 2011.

-Before I can student teach, I had to take and pass two subject area, state certification exams. So I have been studying my behind off. I took one May 27 and the other one on May 31st... and PASSED both. To get certified in FL I have to take 4 tests; I have taken 3 of the 4 and PASSED all 3. Hard work and a great support system pays off. 

-TM & I had signed-up to teach VBS (read about last yr here) but b/c I am so overwhelmed with school and work, I had to "resign" from teaching. 

-We haven't been in church as much as I would like and I am trying my darnedest to get back in that pew next to my grandma, every sunday.

-TM moved in on May 31st. That in itself is exciting. I am so in love with this man and I am excited about the direction our relationship is headed. So we spent Memorial Day making room for his things and moving him in.

-I have been getting estimates on new tile for the kitchen & other random home improvements. I am so excited that I will own this house in early 2013. I know it seems far away but really its less than 2 years away. I want to be teaching full-time before I buy it, I will be more financially stable.

-I have been totally enthralled in the Casey Anthony case, lame, I know. But it is so good/ interesting. I have been interested in this case, as everyone in my area has been, since 2008.

Now for a little E update:

-I enrolled E in "summer camp" at her preschool. She will be attending 5 days a week; That is HUGE. During the school year (since Feb.) she only went 3 days a week. We are trying 5 days a week, tentatively, over the summer to see how E does. If she does well she will go 5 days a week come Fall.

-We have been spending a lot of time in the Drs office in the last few weeks. She has been sick a lot. I think we finally have it under control. As many of you know when you have a sick kid it makes for long, rough nights and tired slow moving days.

-A month after she turned 3 we got family pictures taken at JCP with some of just E, some of my mom, step dad, E & I, some with TM, E and I, some of E and my mom and some of E and my stepdad and some of E & me. I will do a post just on those but here is a preview:

-She is so smart and I know every parent says that about their kid. For example: We have Uno Moo and yesterday while I was cooking, unassisted and undirected, she took all the animals and not only did she make a pattern (blue, green, red, yellow, white, repeat) she grouped them by animal inside her pattern. TM teaches kindergarten and says they did a similar activity.

-She loves to read and play letter games. We have SuperWhy! letter cards that we play games with. She also has a leapfrog scribble & write and loves to play with that. 

-She is fully potty-trained. The only thing we have problems with is night time. Some times she wakes up DRY, others she wets. So we are wearing pull-ups at night. But the wet mornings are getting fewer and fewer. 

-She knows how to swim. My step-dad, mom and I  have been working in the pool with her daily & she is a fish. We still have to supervise her carefully b/c sometime she gets "too brave" and tries to swim too far. Here are some pics taken with my Mother's Day gift from E, a waterproof digital camera:

-She loves playing on her 4-wheeler and her big girl bike. She also loves when I take pics of her & she poses all on her own.

I think thats about it for now. I hope to be on the blog more now that my big tests are over. I still have a lot of HW and papers but I have been taking time off work to get it all done. It makes me stress about money but not about school.


Keep up in between posts, I Tweet , A lot.

-Kandid Kelli

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Candice said...

Congrats on your tests!!! That's great!

E sounds like an amazing little girl. Great job on the potty training and swimming!!

I can't follow the Anthony case too much. I find it very interesting, but I end up getting very distraught about it. I'm sure it is because a child close in age to Caylee, so it makes me so sick!! *sigh*