Saturday, July 2, 2011

"Anxiety, NO More"

If you follow me on twitter, you know that this past week I FINALLY, used my tax return. 

When I moved into my house I knew that eventually I would want to retile the kitchen. The previous owner, remodeled this house, from top to bottom. She re-tiled both bathrooms and the main entry way, she put granite counters in the kitchen and both bathrooms, she added molding to all the windows, new appliances, etc.

Terri (previous owner) had a set budget for her re-model of the house and if she would have re-tiled the kitchen she would have gone over. So she left the 20 year old, chipped, stained and gross, despite scrubbing it, white tile/black grout. Like I mentioned the tile had chips in it, which looked like dirty black spots, it made my kitchen feel so cold and no matter how often I mopped it ALWAYS looked dirty. 

I used to get major anxiety when I walked into the kitchen, I felt like my house was ALWAYS dirty, I couldn't stand it. I started shopping around for the best prices for tile after I learned how much of a tax return I was receiving. Then my aunt mentioned that her cousin is a contractor and re-tiled her kitchen. He had done some electrical work for me when I first moved in.

I waited and waited till I found some tile I liked loved and wasn't priced too high, I had a strict budget as I started a saving act. for E with half of my return, and I didn't want to spend all of what I had left.

After months of having ONE tile in my possession and numerous anxiety attacks about a "dirty house", I finally scheduled Robbie (my contractor) to come re-tile. I purchased the tile and grout, he got everything else. 

After talking to him yesterday when he was done he told me it was going to be less than he originally quoted. Squee! I am so happy with how  my kitchen looks and feels. I even like the feeling of this tile on my bare feet, it isn't as cold as the old tile. 

I know Im weird.

{before- white tile/ black tile}

{New tile/ iPhone pic}
I was trying to get same angle as the before pic

{New tile/ camera pic}

{New tile, camera pic}

How do you like the tile?
 I couldn't be happier with my investment. Robbie did such a wonderful job. He does all kinds of work, if you want his contact info and you live in central fl, let me know!

This completes home improvements that I have wanted to do. I still want to expand my driveway, so TMs truck fits better but I have to save for that. That will probably happen in the late fall/ early winter. 


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-Kandid Kelli

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