Thursday, July 30, 2009

Well Overdue... On my soapbox... Well Kind Of....

So yah its been a while- well over a MONTH- geez!.

Thanks for sticking with me.

Thats what happens when I decide I want to take the GRE- Again. Then I get a very sick baby and just get all around busy... I don't have time to blog. By the time I lay Emmybug down at night and clean the playroom up I am beat- the LAST thing I want to do is blog and try to do HW during her naps. [[TRY being the key word]]

Anyways there are a few things that are just bugging me and I have to touch on them:

YOU CAN NOT CATCH PREGNANCY! Period. The End. It isn't a disease... It isnt the worse thing in the world & it surely isn't the plague & 23 surely isn't 15. So why are "young" mothers getting chastised? I don't get it. I also don't get why if a "friend" or an acquaintance gets pregnant why do you slowly but surely stop hanging out with them. You say "It's b/c they can't do the same stuff anymore" or "they are different, now" Yes and No. The only things they can't do anymore is SMOKE (gross!!) and Drink alcohol. They are different- Yes. They are ready to grow up and take that next big step in their life... or they don't believe in the "easy way out" as I have heard abortion referred to. So they take responsibly & do the right thing. A REAL friend will support that decision, understand that as it will not be easy, it is for this person the right thing, for them, and not slowly slip away.

That brings me to another topic... the term "Best Friend" ... a BF is someone who is ALWAYS there no matter what. Someone who despite your decisions & fights & Moves & bad haircuts they are STILL there. You can go a few hrs or days w.o talking and its like no time has passed. They are there when you are going through something extremely difficult. As I get older I realize that people I used to think were BFs weren't. I think people tend to "toss" the term BF around very loosely... almost like they do with "Love" and I know they are not the same but to me they almost are. They are both very serious terms and they both require work. No relationship can work if only one person puts in all the work... stop trying and see how badly it fails. Over the yrs I have gone through BF like I have gone though purses...sad, I know. I am the type of person who doesn't listen to other people, I make decisions based on how I feel and on what I want to do life. Thats pisses ppl off, usually. A REAL friend would support those decisions. I have also realized I am going though a lot right now and I don't have the energy to try and make it work... a friendship should work on its own. If my phone doesn't ring or ding then so be it. I have lost a few BF b/c I A) Moved B) had a child C) stayed BF D) im not sure but they just stopped calling/txting (i have too much going on family to deal with it). But i have gotten over it.. I have a child to raise and a MASTERS degree to try to get!

Theres a few other things I wanted to touch on but I feel as If I have been on my soapbox and I want to stay consistent with blogging again... so I will touch on them prolly tomorrow or the following day!

Till I return... Thx for sticking with me!

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Hayley said...

you go girl!

Jessica said...

You hit home with the best friend stuff. I miss all my friends from Jax, they were real friends. I don't have any here that are good to me as I like to think I am to them and it sucks hard core.

& Kevin is getting out because they won't let him finish flight school since he had back surgery. And he doesn't want to go enlisted since he did finish officer school and has put on rank, so he's resigning. I don't think it'll last long at all. I think he'll go back Navy, but idk. lol

LiLu said...

I missed you! That is awesome about the GRE. Good for you, babe :-)