Tuesday, January 27, 2009


1. Briefly describe your perfect wedding. (Bridesmaids dresses? Flowers? Colors? Etc. I said BRIEFLY though, lol.) I want a spring wedding ( April, May, June)...inside/outside wedding and reception (weather permitting) I will more then likly have 6 (yes 6) BM and 1 flower girl- Emmy- I have 3 sisters and 3 besties... No MoH yall will stand according to height...Dresses will be picked by yall so they are flattering to your figures and can be worn again... they will all be the same color which will be a nice spring color that looks nice on all 6 of you... shoes will all be same color but a style that goes nicely w.the dress... Flowers Lilies...each of you will have a different color and my bouquet will be a mix off all 6 colors. I do have my dress designer decided on...

2. If you could move anywhere in the world and take one person with you (besides Emmy) where would you go and who would you take? This one is hard..I love Hawaii... So probably Hawaii if I had the cash flow to live there and I would take Matt, I love him and cant Imagine living there without him. He truly is the missing piece to my puzzle. But like I said this is had b/c I havn't been to a whole lot of places.

3. If you were granted one wish, what would you wish for? (And more wishes doesn't count.) I think I would wish for eternal Happiness. I was thinking originally thinking I would wish for never ending money but unless I am happy, money means nothing.

4.What is your favorite college memory? (Now that you're a college graduate and all.) I can't say that I have ONE favorite memory. I enjoyed my 4 years, and I did em right. I was a "KA Frat Girl" and got 2 tats and pierced my cartilage, lived on campus, lived off campus, lived with two great guy friends briefly, I adopted satan in the form of a cat, Gym, I dated TOO many Marines spent too much time on military bases, I fell in and out of love and got engaged, got cheated on, I learned to shoot 2 kinds of guns, I spent alot of time on a boat, I spent more time in the tanning bed then out, with out starbucks I would have died, I drank way too much which meant I smoked menthol lights, I loved the hookah bar, I spent too much time at the dealership, I lived in my destroyed jeans and cut-offs, beaters were my fav kind of shirt, made the best friends anyone could ask for, I lost friends, I partied with the best of them, I got married and adopted a beagle puppy who got jealous when I got pregnant but most off all in 4 years I learned who I was and I learned who my REAL TRUE BLUE FRIENDS are, and oh yah! I went to class too!!

5.Who has been the most influential person in your life and why? There hasn't been just one person. Every person I meet influences me in one way or another.

And here's the rules for participating:
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Jess said...

If your bored you could interview me. :)

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Interview me woman!