Sunday, October 5, 2008

Time to put my big girl panties on

So why do I always do this? Why do I rely on the UNRELIABLE? I need to learn to NOT rely on anyone but myself. I am the ONLY person who I know WILL ALWAYS- ALWAYS be there for me.

I have been let down TWICE in THREE days, by the same person. Its heartbreaking, really. It makes me feel like im UNIMPORTANT. I can't believe I am crying over this. WTF is wrong with me. Im DONE believing people. I can't do it anymore. It hurst to much. I am TOO forgiving. I give too may chances. I give the benefit of doubt too much.

I care for people. I forgive people. Then said people always LEAVE or HURT me. Its kind of a trend in my life.

I am done forgiving...soo many times. Im done give NUMEROUS chances. Im done using the "single mom" angle as a crutch.<
I complain to much. Which isn't okay. My friends love me too much to tell me.

Im obviously not living "my dream" but one day in my not to far future I will be.


Until next time...

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E. Wiggle™ said...

Instead of blaming yourself so much for the losers you associate with, why not reevaluate yourself, realize you are too precious and important for those losers, and avoid them. I hate seeing you make the same mistakes over and over but sometimes the choices that you make are the same and lead to the same consequences. Maybe it's time to change the way you think. Just my two cents.