Friday, May 9, 2008

"A Military Wives Uniform"

Every morning we get up
and have to put on a uniform,
just like you do.

First,we wipe the tears off of our face,
we can't let the children see them,
because we are suppose to be strong and fearless. 

Then, we ship off the package to you, 
with the comfort food that you, 
and all your friends wait for every month,
chips, snack cakes, and cookies, 
we have to send enough for everyone. 

As we rush out the door to another full day,
we wish we could keep you off our minds,
for even an hour. 

We run to our friend's side, when she finds out it will be
another two months before her husband, finally gets to see
the new little additionto the family.

As we walk back in the door, at the end of the day,
when the clothes come off, and before the pajamas go on,
all we see is a real woman, a scared woman.

We know that when we go to lie in bed, 
no matter how exhausted we are, 
there will be at least a couple of minutes
that we notice,there is no one beside us. 
No one to turn to. 

We know that, tomorrow, when we wake up, 
we will have to put on our uniform, 
because we know that that uniform,
is the only thing, that keeps us from falling apart.


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